Worldwide Pro Street Registry

About the World Wide Pro Street Registry!


Welcome to the World Wide Pro Street Registry - dedicated to the owners of all things Pro Street.

We have a fast growing interest in this registry worldwide. There is a special bond, a brotherhood, between Pro Street enthusiasts since it takes a certain kind of personality and desire to own or build this type of vehicle. The obsession with Pro Street has never died and in fact has only gotten stronger and bigger over the years.

I put this registry together for us like minded people to come together to show off our rides and projects, to have a place to chat and ask questions, to bond and have a good time.

It is free to join the registry. All I ask is that you at least purchase a bumper sticker to coincide with your member number. Other merchandise will be added in the near future to include shirts, hats, and hoodies. Also other features will be added to the site as needed. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me 

Thank you

Bill Dixon
World Wide Pro Street Registry