Worldwide Pro Street Registry

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


1. What is the Worldwide Pro Street Registry?

A: The Worldwide Pro Street Registry (PSR) is a new online community that was developed for enthusiasts of Pro Street vehicles. While many have said this hobby has seen better days and no longer carries a fanbase, we felt differently and wanted to prove that it is still alive and very strong!

2. How do I register for PSR?

A: Actually, registration for PSR is not for you, but for your vehicles. Upon approval, each vehicle is assigned a registry number (in some cases, we can grant requests for specific registry numbers). If you have more than one ride, you can register them all, but you must do so separately. Each application requires that you complete all the fields in the registration form and supply a 3/4 shot of your vehicle that is no bigger than 5MB in size. Typically the approval process takes 48 hours or less and you will receive a welcome email upon approval. If you do not receive a notification within 48, feel free to email Ray or Bill for a follow up.

3. I can't log in to the forum but I already registered for PSR. What gives?

A: While the forums and the registry are both contained on the same website, they operate as two different systems with their own separate databases. Once you register for PSR, we encourage you to register for the forums as well so you can share info with your fellow members. This does require a separate registration, but it is very quick and simple.

4. I placed an order through the shop. When can I expect it?

A: Window decals are usually shipped out same day or next day and mailed first class. Non personalized items like such as hats or shirts without your registry number are shipped out within a couple days via USPS Priority Mail as we usually keep several of these items on hand. You will receive an email from Paypal notifying you that your order has shipped with a tracking number. For personalized items like shirts with your registry number, it can take up to two weeks before shipment because we do them in batches to help minimize production cost. At present, we are not shipping shop items internationally because we have not established a rate chart, but we do expect to implement one soon. Stay tuned!

5. I ordered more than one window decal but only received one?

A: As stated on the shop listing for our decals, each registry number is designed to match one specific vehicle. In order to maintain the integrity of the registry, we only issue one window decal per entry at this time. If you have two or more registry entries, then you may order multiple window decals (one per entry).

6. I have a question about a shop order. Who do I email?

A: All questions regarding PSR shop orders should be directed to Bill at this time. We may set up a customer support email in the future.

7. I have a question about the registry/forum/website. Who do I email?

A: Any questions of a technical nature can be sent to Ray.

8. I need help with registration!!!

A: Don't hesitate to email Ray. We're not so big that support requests are overwhelming, but give us 24 hours to respond. This system is new and we expect there to be bumps in the road as we fine tune the various aspects of PSR.

9. Some of my pics are upside down, sideways or missing. What happened?

A: There's actually a couple of things involved here. First, if your pic is upside or sideways, we've noticed this is usually caused by uploading pics from your phone. Most of us have our phone orientation set to rotate or float as we turn it around so that it's always right side up. When we take a picture however, this information is not stored in the image file causing the pic to appear upside down or sideways. You can fix this by editing your photo on a computer and resaving it so it's right side up then uploading it again to your registry page using edit my entry.

Missing pics could be caused by a couple things. Even though we try our best to maintain a clean, fast website with the help of GoDaddy, unexpected events can occur and files can become corrupted. Corrupted image files cannot be downloaded and properly displayed on a browser and need to be replaced. Go to edit my entry (as above) and upload all your pics in the order you want them to be displayed.

Sometimes our website is so busy that it bogs down and pics load in much slower than normal or not at all. In this case, be a little patient or refresh the page you are looking at.

Finally there's always the chance that in the process of updating your ride's listing, you forgot to upload a pic or two. Please remember when you edit your entry that any pics you place in the dropbox area will replace all the pics you have listed. We are working on a way so that you can add or replace current images, but it's very complicated and will take some time. 

10. I love this! What can I do to help?

A: Visit our shop and help support the registry with a few swag purchases or donate using the donate page. Tell your Pro Street friends about us! The more we grow, the more we'll do!

Thank you

Bill Dixon
World Wide Pro Street Registry